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It was the hottest day of the summer. The sun was shining the brightest I ever seen, there was no breeze at all. I felt like I was on a desert. So I decided it was the perfect day to go to Leola pool with my two sisters, Daziyah who is 14 and Aaliyah who is 13, and there little cuzin Nie-Nie who is 3. Daziyah and Aaliyah are not my sisters from bloud, but our family has known theirs for so long, that we act like we are. I also brought Rylee, Rylee is my neighbor that I baby sit until her parents get home, which I was babysitting at the moment. Rylee is in kindergarten.

So I went and told Daziyah and Aaliyah that we should go to Leola pool and they agreed. So we said to meet on the porch in 30min. until then Rylee and I, went to her house and she grabbed her bathing suit, a towel and her Elsa water bottle. Rylee and I, went back to my house and she went to the bathroom to change into her bathing suit and I went to my room. We met up in the hallway. I put our towels, our money, with our water bottles, and our extra clothes with some sunscreen, in my purple nike bookbag. It has been 30min. Rylee and I went outside on the porch.

Daziyah, Aaliyah, and Nie-Nie came out there door shortly after us. We then went to my aunts house who lives in the same neighborhood as us and asked to borrow my two year old girl twin cousins waggon my aunt said yes, and she would come to the pool with us when the girls woke up. Nie-Nie and Rylee got in the waggon we put there seat belts on for they wouldn’t stand up. Then we put our book bags on the floor of the waggon.

On our way to the Leola pool we took turns pulling the waggon, I would pull it halfway then Aaliyah will pull the other half. Even though the Leola pool isn’t far from our house it felt like it was taken us hours to get there. But when we finally made it we were so excited. First we had to pay. Then, we found a nice spot on the grass to put our stuff on, it was half under a tree with shade and the other half was in the sun. We put took Nie-Nie and Rylee and we put a lot of sunscreen on them then we told them they are allowed to go to the little kids pool and our spot on the grass. They took off but started walking when they got to the segment.

Daziyah, Aaliyah, and I helped each other put sunscreen on and went to the slides. We all went down at the same time. Then right when we got out of the pool we saw a Rylee walking torque the 4ft, we all shouted, but it was too late she already jumped in. But there was a nice lady who was standing were Rylee jumped in from the water and grabbed her right after she hit the water, Rylee was in the water for a split second. So, she was okay, she only got a little wet thats all. But, it turn out that lady was my aunt's best friend fiend, who was waiting for my aunt.

We all ended up sitting on the grass, until my aunt came with two large pizzas for lunch. We were so excited. All of us ate and waited a little bit to go back in the pool, but this time my aunt and her best friend stayed in the little kids side with the twins Liz and Liana who are two, and Nie-Nie and Rylee.

That is a narrative piece I wrote in writing class.